5 Misunderstandings in the Use of Humidifiers

August 19,2022

Indoor air is dry, and humidifiers are favored by many people. Whether it's your home or office, place a humidifier that regulates the air humidity and keeps you from drying out. However, the seemingly simple and easy-to-use humidifiers may be "harmed" to you by blindly purchasing and using them incorrectly.




Misunderstanding 1: Add tap water to the humidifier


The water in the humidifier needs to be pure water or cold boiled water, and tap water cannot be added. The minerals and water alkali in the tap water will damage the evaporator of the humidifier and shorten the service life, and the microorganisms in the tap water will also enter the air with the water vapor of the humidifier, causing indoor pollution.


Misunderstanding 2: Humidifiers are never washed


The humidifier should be changed and refilled every day, and it is also best to clean it once a week. If it is not cleaned regularly, the hidden microorganisms will enter the room with the sprayed water mist. People with weak immunity are more prone to pneumonia or respiratory infections.


Misunderstanding 3: Add volatile products such as essential oils or toilet water to the humidifier


 Some users add volatile products such as essential oils or toilet water to the humidifier. These things contain chemical ingredients, and after entering the respiratory tract, there will be irritation and make the body feel uncomfortable. Especially some people with allergies should pay more attention.


Misunderstanding 4: Adding disinfectant to the humidifier


Adding disinfectant to the humidifier atomizes the ingredients of the disinfectant, which stimulates the lungs and bronchial epithelial cells of the human body after being inhaled. If the concentration is too high, it may cause damage to the upper respiratory tract.


Misunderstanding 5: Use a humidifier without interruption


Although continuous use will increase the humidity of the room and relieve dryness, excessive humidity is also not good for health. When the humidity is too high, the amount of pineal hormone in the human body is also large, which makes the concentration of thyroxine and adrenaline in the body relatively lower, and people are prone to listlessness and malaise. It is recommended to turn off the humidifier and open the windows for ventilation every two hours.


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