Benefits of Portable Water Dispensers

September 03,2022

With the increasing demand for water dispensers, portable water dispensers have been widely used. Today we will introduce it.


A water dispenser is a machine with the function of purifying tap water into direct drinking water. Or it also has a device for heating, cooling and distributing the purified water by consuming electrical energy.


Portable Water Dispensers


The principle of water dispenser


Full physical water production process: Most of the pure water machines use reverse osmosis technology.


The principle of reverse osmosis is to apply a pressure greater than the natural osmotic pressure on the raw water side, so that the water molecules reverse osmosis from the side with higher concentration to the side with lower concentration. Because the pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is much smaller than several hundred times or even thousands of times that of case viruses and bacteria. Therefore, various viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, solid soluble matter, polluted organic matter, calcium and magnesium ions cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane at all. This achieves the purpose of softening and purifying water.


Advantages of Portable Water Dispensers


  1. Straight drinking water is clearer in appearance and tastes better than ordinary drinking water. Today, most of the drinking water of residents is mainly filtered water from the waterworks. Its appearance looks slightly cloudy, and there is even other debris in the pipeline. At the same time, the tap water in some areas still has an odor. Compared with direct drinking water, these problems do not exist.


  1. Direct drinking water is richer in mineral elements. It can provide more elements needed by the human body than ordinary drinking water. Therefore, long-term drinking of direct drinking water is very beneficial to human health.


  1. The economic cost of direct drinking water is much lower than that of ordinary drinking water. The direct water dispenser can be recycled, and its overall economic cost is low. At the same time, drinking water can provide sufficient nutrients for the human body. Therefore, it improves the immunity of the human body, which is also very beneficial for reducing medical expenses of the human body.




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