Do Night Lights Cost Electricity?

June 25,2022

The shape of the night light is ever-changing, and the materials include ceramics, wood art, iron art, acrylic, metal and other materials. The soft light of the night light plays the role of guiding lighting in the vast darkness. At the same time, the night lights are rich in variety, strong in optionality, and have the functions of decoration and decoration. If such a lamp is turned on for one night, will it consume a lot of electricity?


Do night lights cost electricity?


night light


According to the law of conservation of energy. Energy can be transferred from one object to another, and the forms of energy can be converted into each other, but the energy never disappears. This is the summary of people's energy, called the law of conservation of energy.


We know that if the tap is turned on a little bit, drop by drop, the water meter will not move. This is actually a problem of sensitivity; if it is replaced with a digital high-precision detection device, there may be a display. Switching to our electricity side, as long as the accuracy of the electricity meter is high enough, the power consumption can also be detected.


There are many types of night lights with different principles. The main purpose is to use tiny power consumption to generate weak light for night lighting. Regardless of whether you use your own electricity or the electricity from the telephone office, it is impossible not to consume (consume) electricity, it is just a matter of how much; it does not waste electricity, because it brings you light; but if you want hundreds of small night lights to generate It is equivalent to the brightness of a 100W lamp, that is, it costs electricity. Is the effect different; it cannot be compared. Its power consumption and brightness are usually not considered in daily life, as long as the price is appropriate, the appearance is beautiful, and it is safe. If there are many types that can be plugged in and lit at the same time, after a few minutes, the one with the lowest temperature should be touched by hand, because it has high efficiency. There is only one case of bad quality No electricity: Completely damaged No electricity The current in the telephone circuit can be turned and turned on the night light


Therefore, whether the night light consumes electricity or not depends on its specific classification. For example, the one used in Xiaobian’s home is induction. It senses light during the day and will not light when it is plugged in. It can be used at night. Play the role of lighting, the brightness will not be too bright, it will not affect sleep, but it can also play a role in lighting, and you will feel particularly warm when you drink water at night. Even if it is plugged in all the year round, the electricity bill does not change much.


  • If the night light has only 1W fluorescent tube, it means that only 1W of electricity is used for 1 hour, and 1000w of electricity is used for one hour of electricity, so if it is calculated for 8 hours in one night, it uses 8w, etc., which is 8/1000th of the electricity. kWh of electricity, even if it is used for 30 days in a month, it will not use less than 1 kWh of electricity.


  • The power of night lights on the market is usually 3 to 5W, which means that one day is about 72W to 120W, and that month is 2160W to 3600W, which is about 2.16 degrees to 3.6 degrees, so the small night lights are free electrical.