How to Choose Mosquito Killing Lamp Correctly?

May 13,2022

There are many kinds of mosquito control tools now, and the most popular one is undoubtedly the mosquito-killing lamp. There are many kinds of mosquito-killing lamps, including UV mosquito killing lamps, photocatalyst mosquito killing lamps, carbon dioxide mosquito killing lamps, electric shock mosquito killing lamps, photocatalyst + electric shock mosquito killing lamps, thermal radiation + electric shock mosquito killing lamp, photocatalyst + electric shock + thermal radiation mosquito killing lamp, photocatalyst + carbon dioxide + electric shock + thermal radiation mosquito killing lamp!


mosquito killing lamp


Ultraviolet mosquito killing lamp


After the ultraviolet mosquito killing lamp is lit, the phototaxis of mosquitoes is used to attract mosquitoes, and this attraction can achieve the same effect even if ordinary lights are used. Under the street lamps in summer, we can often see a large number of mosquitoes flying. The phototaxis of mosquitoes plays a role, and it is not only ultraviolet lamps that can achieve this effect.


The correct way to use this kind of UV mosquito killing lamp is to turn off the lamp before going to bed, close the door, turn on the lamp, and go in after an hour or so, which can play a certain role. Of course, this ultraviolet light does not affect blood-sucking female mosquitoes, because they track us by the smell, heat, and exhaled carbon dioxide emitted by the human body, and then suck blood! However, for those tortured by the word of Warcraft, although they didn't catch the Lord, it's also very relieved to catch some close relatives!


Photocatalyst Mosquito killing lamp and carbon dioxide mosquito killing lamp


This kind of mosquito-killing lamp is the mainstream now. A treasure sold hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands last month. The main reason is that the price is cheap. You can't afford to lose tens of dollars and be cheated! These two kinds of UV lamps are upgraded, because photocatalysts attract mosquitoes with light waves (365nm-370nm), trap them and kill them. A carbon dioxide mosquito-killing lamp can release carbon dioxide to lure mosquitoes during operation. Both of them are attractive to mosquitoes. Compared with UV lamps, they are useful. The mosquito-killing rate can also be improved, especially the blood-sucking mosquitoes can also be trapped!


However, the same effect can be achieved only when people are not in the room. Therefore, it is recommended that you go out for a walk and then come back. This will be much better.


Composite mosquito killing lamp


Why is it called compound? It is composed of several functions, such as photocatalyst + electric shock, carbon dioxide + electric shock, thermal radiation + electric shock, photocatalyst + carbon dioxide + electric shock, photocatalyst + carbon dioxide + thermal radiation + electric shock. This kind of mosquito-killing lamp is also equipped with a bottom turbine suction function as standard, which can suck mosquitoes into the bottom mosquito storage box!


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