How to clean a mini fan

May 27,2022

In modern home life, many friends bought a mini fan in the home, used to blow the wind to make themselves feel cool, the following I will introduce how to clean the mini fan should be.


mini fan


How to clean the mini fan?


  • turn off the power, unplug.


  • use the screwdriver to remove the screws at the connection of the net cover, so that you can remove the net cover.


  • next we clean the minifan cover and the fan blade inside, you can use a rag with water to wipe the dust on the surface.


  • if you encounter difficult to remove the dirt, you can pour on some white vinegar, the net cover is difficult to clean, we can use a minibrush along each wire brush once.


What to pay attention to when using a mini fan


  • most of the minifan is with a plug, want to make it work properly, you need to plug into the socket, so if we have water on our hands, it is best not to touch the plug first, you must use a towel to dry your hands, otherwise it is easy to electrocution accidents.


  • if there are minichildren at home, we must remind children to stay away from the fan, especially when the fan is running, it is best to place the fan out of reach of children, otherwise if children accidentally put their fingers in, the high-speed fan blades may be pinched fingers, which is very dangerous.


  • if the fan is covered with dust, you want to clean it simply, if the fan is easy to rust, cleaning is best not to let it get wet, and do not use detergents.


  • the use of minifans, but also need to pay attention to its quality, in order to ensure that the later use of a longer life. Therefore, you need to cooperate with the big brand business, the results will be better.